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love at the lips was touch

Plagued by Honors Students and Jesus Fish
29 March 1986
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A friend's only journal. If you want to be added, just say something already!

I am a twenty something chick seeking adventure in technicolor. Stay tuned and thanks for watching.

My mood theme was created by 6hundred72 . In case you're wondering, it's pictures from Post Secret.
amish, anime, autumn air, being a romantic, being happy, blowing bubbles, broadway, classical, conversations, creating stories, dancing in socks, drawing on caps, event coordination fedoras, exploring concepts, folk, folk/indie covers of rap, foreign movies, garlic and herb crackers, getting off of work, grant writing, indie, instrumental, intelligent magazines, jazz, judaism, listening to music, marlon brando, mormons, my bulletin board, neck-ties, non-profits, observing, pentecostals, playing make believe, playing video games, poetry, pumpkin pie shakes, reading, reading bed time stories, reading the funny papers, remembering the old times, renting too many movies, riding in convertables, salt-rimmed margaritas, sarcasm, scrabble, seeking out retro video, sharing a peaceful dinner, skype, smoothies, some rock, space cowboys, spider house in austin, tacky socks, time travel, traveling, typing too fast, walking, wearing my penguin slippers, words, writing, writing for newspapers